Every music blogger worth his weight in mediocrity is going to draw comparisons between Lou the Human and Eminem. With his dark, gritty lyrics, psychotic tendencies, alternate voices and clever rhymes riddled with references to drugs and pop culture, it’d just be too easy. So I refuse. This Staten Island rapper (and producer) deserves to stand on his own two feet. His self-produced minimal chill-out beats and an actual focus on VERSES instead of hooks and choruses allow the RAPPING to stand on its own. Pretty dope in a radio world 2017.



"Brink" is the first track to come from this radical new voice in hip-hop and also the one that’s garnered him the attention he deserves. With lines like, “Bitch I don’t sell crack, I smoke it.  [Sorry Mom.]”  I can understand why. Lou the Human is like Tyler the Creator without the social media presence, hiding behind a sketch of himself with a crown on his head and a gun to his temple instead. Is Lou really as dark as Tyler wishes he was? Or is this just a gimmick too? Will his Lou-ter Squad tv show be premiering on Adult Swim later this month? Who cares. Art is cyclical and constantly refreshing itself. Right now I’m just interested in this fresh new exciting voice and hoping it's the real deal.



On this track Lou the Human somehow manages to get even darker... didn’t think that was possible with some of the lines in "Brink." He continues being unafraid of avoiding the chorus and instead manages to spit lines that take down Macklemore, all backpack rappers, Yeezy and I’m sure every other rapper in the game that I just don’t get the reference to in the process. Killer.

Curator Duffster with the find on this one. I think we all need to bow down like Wayne & Garth: “We’re not worthy. We’re not worthy.”


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