This 20 year old Londoner has got the most silky, smooth soulful falsetto this side of Prince’s backstage recordings (that would never see the light of day because they were too honest and didn’t make the purple one look sexually deviant enough). Moss Kena, doesn’t care about any of that, though. In fact, honesty is his middle name. Moss H. Kena— that is if Moss even his real name. Hmmm… Whatever.

He puts it all on the line, lets that emotion spill and wears that heart on his sleeve. In fact 2 out of 3 of those sayings might even be lyrics of his. Moss Kena has got the kind of songs people pay other people money to write for them— with an honesty, and self-realization backed by a sensually seductive sound that’s so otherworldly it feels like we’re abducted by sensitive aliens, asking for opinions about their new tunes and we’re just like “but you abducted me…”

I guess what I’m saying is he’s like Justin Timberlake without the bullshit.



"Square One" is a subtle R&B groover with a message we can all relate to. Seriously, every single lyric is like a direct line into the universal subconscious. Kena’s voice, the real star here, stands out over a smoky, minimal beat that serves its purpose and totally gets out of the way.

I’d have shared more than this one track, but the others are all hidden behind the Soundcloud pay wall. If you like what you hear (and I’m sure you do because you’re still reading this) then go get yourself a subscription service so you can listen to the whole “Found You in 06” EP.

Curated by Justine who is totally NOT Moss Kena’s cousin. Seriously, she’s not. We wouldn’t trust her bias if she was. I don’t even know why I brought it up. Oh well!


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