That simple majesty of an artist so new there’s nothing out there to sway your opinion on them. All RahRah (real name Sarah Quintana, thanks detective Soundcloud url) has to her name (on the internet) is two songs and an Instagram. I watched the Amy Winehouse documentary Amy, yesterday and saw how the media can absolutely destroy an artist if left unchecked.  Today, waking up to this bright wonderful new artist, it’s quite endearing to see her relative anonymity. I say relative because there’s still a face and name on display. And they’re so new that I’m sure that this will all change very quickly. But we here at We Are: The Guard are so on top of our new music we’ll give you to while she’s still on this side of anonymous.



One thing for sure, RahRah knows a thing or two about the kind of production that’s best to highlight her absolutely beautiful voice. "Quiet" starts as a mellowed out future-house production that makes way for your prototypical EDM build before changing over to a sparse but funky low-end drop. This song ping-pongs through dance genres just like the rollercoaster range of emotions on display. Sometimes "Quiet" is hopeful, longing for those moments in life with the people that get you and make you feel safe before jumping over to the sadness of being alone with yourself. Hey, try meditating! 

Well no worries RahRah, with a hit like this I expect your life to be filled with the kind of loud that keeps sad lonely you out of your head.



soundcloud "Quiet" follows "Midnight Vibes," the singer’s first single, released only a month earlier. A lot of the same elements on display here: badass future production, somber yet uplifting lyrics and the voice of an angel that we’re all about to fall in love with. All those similarities, yet a completely different kind of tune. This is the sign of a great pop singer: completely different song styles tied together with the unifying talent of voice.

Can’t wait to see what’s next from RahRah. Maybe a third song? No matter what I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

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