Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Visualist, Storyteller, Experimental Music Video Maker: SIBA is the whole package. Except you didn’t know packages even came in this shape, did you? This is the most bubble-gum, vitriol-spitting, bleep-bloop dance music We Are: The Guard have come across since chip-tune was first invented and hundreds of kids wrote their own emotional break-up songs on SNES controllers and drum machines. With hints of the EDM playfulness of Cashmere Cat, SOPHIE or Dillon Francis, and odes to the emo songwriting and the falsetto of Passion Pit or Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Denmark’s own SIBA is something entirely of his own. He has no specific footing which to hold his music up… except you know… quality.



“I.D.C.B.U” is the happiest break-up song I’ve ever heard. The feelings of catharsis and anger associated with a bad relationship ending are instead powered by the limitless possibilities of a future without that person you don’t care about anymore. “I.D.C.B.U” is the first single off of SIBA’s rip-roaring heartbreaking story-based EP, My Life with Jessie, My Friends and the Rest of the World. I think you can tell what the rest of the EP is about after listening to this song and noticing his penchant for on-the-nose titling.



With a song called “Trumpets Sound Good for Endings,” you’d think there would be trumpets on this song. But listening to it now I’m left to assume he means metaphorical trumpets because this song is trumpetless! He must mean the ones playing in your head when you stand up and walk out and make something of yourself in this dark world full of missteps and fart sound effects. We’ve got a punk-pop-dance masterpiece on our hands here. SIBA is strange bird and I love everything about him.



Go listen to the rest of the EP on your own. It’s on Spotify or Apple Music (or Napster?) and I ain’t got time to give you a run-down of the other three JAMS contained within. Instead I’ll leave you with his cover of Katy Perry’s “This is How We Do.” Perfectly crafted bubble-gum pop from our new freak-overlord of the whole scene. Strange-Pop! It’s a new genre that I just coined right now. SIBA you are the KING of STRANGE POP.

This one has was guarded by The Guard.  The guard of the guard is the guard. Get it? Got it? Good.

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