What’s good Sidizen King?? Anyone with the description “Electro-Hop” in their Soundcloud profile is more than alright with us here at We Are: The Guard. In a world full of hip-hop/electronic mash-ups Sidizen King easily pushes out above the pack. He’s making tracks that are just as focused with lush future – electronic – funky production as he is proper emotional flow and hook of the raps he’s laying on tracks. It’s nice to see a dude branding himself on the edge of multiple genres. Hard to do. Especially as successfully as someone WHO CAN’T EVEN SPELL CITIZEN RIGHT.



Masquerade starts off as your standard real as hell hop song with great flow, unique voice and actual things to say unlike the rest of the mumble rap generation (DROP TOP RAIN DROP) out there hustling today. But then it drops into a nice grinding bass line and funky memorable hook. You can’t ask for more than that. Good here + Good there = Good everywhere.



This song is as much disco-pop dance funk as it is a killer hip-hop track. I don’t think Bruno Mars DJ’s, but I’m sure if he did he’d stop this track, spin it back and say, “THIS IS THE BEST SHIT I’VE HEARD ALL YEAR.” And then let "Eye for an Eye" play straight while a room full of people lose their minds saying, “I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW BRUNO MARS KNEW HOW TO DJ, IS THERE ANYTHING HE CAN'T DO?!”

Thanks to Orion Hicks for bringing Sidizen King to our attention. Once he’s the hottest in the world we won’t feel like losers at the party for not having heard of him yet.


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