Welcome to the new year here at We Are: The Guard, as we proudly introduce a bangin' curator find by Daniel Ragnar. The Windy City rapper, Towkio has made 2018 a whole lot sweeter and you can too by becoming a Guard. Have your musical tastes showcased on the site like Daniel's find … Ok, back to the reason of why you’re here … Towkio.



Playing up to his mixed heritage of Japanese and Mexican roots, the Chicago-based hip-hop artist can spit rhymes with the best of them. Currently a part of the collective, Savemoney, his style is pretty unorthodox, bucking the normal trend of auto-tuned popular hip-hop. Last we have heard from Towkio, he just dropped his ridiculous, “Drift”, a track that was half-comedic, half-social commentary. While “Drift” traveled under the guise of sardonic rhetoric, it had its fair share of cringe-worthy moments and obnoxiousness.



“Symphony” is probably the antithesis of that track. Embracing the bright side of life, Towkio employs a more casual and consumer-friendly style. With the sultry vocals of Teddy Jackson, channeling his inner-Pharrell, supplying a fascinating compliment to Towkio's machine-gun style. If you were put off by the antics of “Drift,” “Symphony” is a track that is much more palatable, especially for those looking for tunes that instill pleasure rather than pain.

Ready to trend upward, Towkio is really a rapper to look at. Don't be surprised if you hear more about this artist in the near future.