It's not entirely fair to compare Kelsy Karter to Amy Winehouse but I’m going to anyway. When a jazzy, powerful, modern soul voice like this comes around there's no reference book to cue off except the one left to us by the indomitable Ms. Winehouse. That new soul sound with pop hooks, powerful bravado, supreme confidence and lyrics about getting high? Check, Check, Check, Check and CHECK. “Out of Drugs" could have come straight out of her lost songbook. But who's complaining? Not me. Kelsy Karter really is just doing her own damn thing with a sound that feels completely fresh despite the aforementioned parallels. I’m just a man enjoying a song trying to bring it to your ears and eyes, what more do you want from me?



youtube This "Australian Blued Eyed Soul Singer" as she describes herself on social media has only one track and 274 followers on her Soundcloud. That's basically zero. You're getting on this one faster than you can say, "I knew about her before she was famous." Which is a phrase you’ll find yourself saying dozens of times over the next couple of years. Truth is she has a 2015 album and a spot as featured vocalist on an EDM tune or two, but if she wants to let the past be the past and start new, who are we to stop her? No point in dredging up the past when the future looks so good. Expect more tunes from Ms. Karter who has been teasing a bevy of new material over on twitter.

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