Best New Indie Pop

The Guard's Blogs on Music brings you it's latest installment of the best pop songs of 2012. Up this week are the latest from Hoodie Allen, JLo, The Hives, Garbage and Dada Life...Click to listen!
Boom! Welcome to LA Music Blog The Guard's February serving of the Best of Mashups to frequent the internet dot COM! This month's Best Of features fresh jams from the likes of Super Mash Bros, The Hood Internet and Basic Physics, samplin' Kreayashawn, Kanye West to Kavinsky.
This week's PopKiller is somewhat mash up special. Featuring cuts from producer prodigies ala The Hood Internet, Super Mash Bros, Fareoh and Basic Physics...and new Nicki Minaj!
La Music Blog, The Guard, brings a filtered and hand selected "best of the week." Check out the edgy, dangerous, creddy and smelly good pop music right here and start the party.
The Guard brings you the best alternative pop, mashups and remixes that we scoured the interentz for. Stream and download 8 of the best songs from this week.
PopKiller: "Music written with murderous intent, written to blow minds, written to KILL the very definition of pop music found at the beginning of this blog post -- music YOU will want to listen to over, and over, and over again." Need examples? Read on...
The Guard's Blog On Music presents the best alternative pop electro songs on the web. New songs, mashups and remixes from Drake, Katy Perry, Kaskada, Rihanna and more. Click here to listen.