Best New Indie

Check Out Nine Inch Nails Closer by Trent Reznor, one of the best indie songs ever recorded not to mention the best video along with the lyrics.
The Guard's Best of Indie Comin' at ya faster than Madonna can say "insert joke about drugs here." This week's indie register includes Trust, Sigur Rós, Japandroids, The Flaming Lips and Bon Iver and more
Having spent the last four years in a snow cave in Iceland penning CAPTCHAs, Sigur Ros return on May 28th with their sixth studio album, Valtari (Icelandic for "steamroller"). Check it out here!
From out of nowhere, Toronto duo, TRST, creep up behind their fellow Canadians, Crystal Castles, and snatch the boy-girl electro-goth beacon straight from their dirty hands.
Are you up for some Duran Duran circa Rio? This song started out as a poem penned by a young and then-anonymous Simon Le Bon. Check out the full song and story.
Busta Rhymes ain't got shit on these bad ass auctioneers! Seriously, check these cowboys out! If country-rap didn't already exist, well it does now!
Today's Latest Music Track and Worst Song of the Day belongs to Madonna Ciccone. Madonna asks God for forgiveness in the "talk intro" to her new track "Girl Gone Wild." Unfortunately she doesn't get around asking for forgiveness for this track.
Come on, is Dre really "Still D.R.E."? Does he still rock khakis with a cuff and a crease? Well, thank fuck for Danish DJs, Shatter Hands and HORS, and their bad ass remix of "Still D.R.E."