Best New Indie

DJ Topcat's "The Safety Booty," mixes up Bubba Sparxxx's "Ms. New Booty" with Men Without Hats' 1983 new wave classic, "The Safety Dance." Check to hear the booth shaking goodness.
Philadelphia's Sugar Tongue Slim reworks Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" as part of his ongoing GOLDRush project. Listen as Slim and his hilarious hype-guy rap about a crazy toaster-taking ex-girlfriend atop the Aussie's minimalist beats.
"Starship" by Nicki Minaj is the latest music track to jump the shark. Is this the turn of Nicki's career? Check out our examination of her latest single and why we hate the track.
If you've heard of Daft Punk, Justice, or anyone on Ed Banger Records, then you have Busy P to thank. While I'm always hoping for more releases from P, this one stands out as one of my favorite electro tracks of all time. Featuring Murs, To Protect and Entertain catalogues the daily life of many of us in LA.
Experience the eerie amalgamation of contemporary dance, projected animation and electronic music that is WIFE. "The Grey Ones" is the enigmatic LA trio's latest work, a spellbinding six minute fusion of sight and sound.
The Guard's Blog On Music presents it's Weekly Best Of Indie with tracks from Islands, Moonface, Sharon Van Etten, Field Music, The Ross Sea Party, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more.
The Guard recently introduced you to Georgian rapper, Lady: the most x-rated (and indeed, SEO unfriendly) female to frequent the hip hop world. Ever since Howard Stern spun her scandalous jam, "Pussy," we've been unashamedly addicted.
Last night in London, a mysterious memo was making the rounds (we may be an LA Music Blog but, oh yeh, we have our international intelligence...). On it was a map, which pointed to Shoreditch High Street. Above the map hung the words "WATCH THE THRONE. 5PM." The Brit blogosphere proceeded to go into meltdown -- were Yeezy and Jeezy planning an impromptu free gig for commuters?!
We're not gonna lie, we have a MAJOR crush on Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, who we have taken to labelling "an indie Enya meets woodland alternative pop pixie." In our review of Visions, we stamped "Circumambient" an album highlight, and we are serving up a stream of that track today.
La Music Blog, The Guard, brings a filtered and hand selected "best of the week." Check out the edgy, dangerous, creddy and smelly good pop music right here and start the party.
Penned by Swedish two-hit-wonders, Yello, "Oh Yeah" failed to chart upon its initial release in 1985, only becoming a smash after John Hughes hand picked the vocoded track for the legendary Ferris Bueller soundtrack.