Best New Indie

Anyone paying attention to music these past few years knows just how diversely talented Sonny Moore is. But did you also know that he's an accomplished cook?
Sugar Hill Gang were one of the first to sample The Incredible Bongo Band's version of Jerry Lordan's "Apache," a version which has since gone on to become a hip-hop sample mainstay. 1981's "Jump On It" is a classic slice of 8-ts cheese-rap.
Hitler reacts to Lana Del Rey's Saturday Night Live bomb. Check out the parody video as well as the actual footage of the Lana Del Rey's live SNL performance here.
Welcome to 2012, music fans! Enjoy eight scrumptious slices of indie music, hand-picked by The Guard, including selections by J Mascis, Holy Ghost!, Tim Hecker, Nicolas Jaar, and Silver Swans.
Rihanna's "Cockiness (Love It)" boasts one of the boppiest beats of the entire "Talk That Talk," so we have decided to abandon our morals, bite our feminist lip, and stamp this "BEST NEW TRACK."
The "one hit wonder" phenomenon doesn't occur too often in the indie world. Here are ten indie bands who had one awesome song that seemed to be playing everywhere for abo
AVICII's "Levels" has been hailed by the dance-blogosphere as one of the Songs of 2011. In a sure-fire move, dubstep svengali, Skrillex, has taken the track and webbed it into a cliche-Skrill banger, which is currently riding the #1 spot on The Hype Machine.