Best New Tracks: NIN "Came Back Haunted"


Last week Trent Reznor coyly let it slip… Oh who gives a shit. NEW NIN SONG!?!!?!?  No one cares where it came from, or whether or not "Came Back Haunted" is a best new track or not. The unwashed masses don't give a shit about the lede, exposition, or whatever you want to call it. They just want to listen to the song. So here it is:

Check out the first Nine Inch Nails song released in over three years, "Came Back Haunted" below:

Alright, now for the nuts and bolts. The song is quintessential Reznor. There's a low, driving baseline, off-beat percussions, wobbly and distorted synth and guitar work, and a sort of painful vocal that always seems to be saying, 'I want to fuck you like an animal' whether or not the song is "Closer."

"Came Back Haunted" is available now on iTunes. The new record, Hesitation Marks, is due out September 3rd via Columbia.

Oh and Reznor also put every NIN single from 1989 on a Soundcloud playlist.

Today is a good day.  NIN delivers.  (Not like Daft our trashy review here