Best New Videos: ‪Grimes - Genesis‬


If you're anything like me, you never done hardcore hallucinogens. Not for any moral or ideological reasons, but just because you're a pussy.

Well lucky for me (us?), today's Latest New Songs allows us to experience what I can only assume tripping major balls is like.

Watch the official video for Grimes' "Genesis" below to see what I mean.


I've watched this video five straight times and it's still as mesmerizing as it is bizarre. I mean, just what in the fuck is going on here? It's as the video itself has ADHD and can't sit still.

And yet the diverse imagery is strangely idyllic and seems to match the song's music and sparse lyrics. In fact, I think I'm going to go watch it again.

Visions is out now. You can read our initial piece clueing you into Grimes genius here.

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