Best New Videos

I don’t know what music videos you’ve been watching this week (Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”? That snake song from Drake? Euw) but this is what we’ve been watching and we’re much cooler than you, so pay attention!
Utilizing stop-motion animation, mixing in live footage with over 7,000 pictures, the top music video for Lusine's Arterial is truly mesmerizing.
Grieves - Recluse, Rilan - Chemical and Tiny Fingers - Demands Live start off this week's best indie videos. Check out these and more great new music videos right here!
When I watch the best new videos on The Guard, everything feels so much better. Check out new videos from Lana Del Ray, Sam Smith, Ariel Pink and more!
We've been all about electronic super-duo Duck Sauce and their infectious debut album, Quack, but they've outdone themselves now with their best music video, NRG.
These are the coolest, raddest, most interesting and creepy videos that are making the rounds in our best music videos of the week!