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Born Ellinor Olovsdotter, the 28 year-old spitfire behind Elliphant is known to march to the beat of her own drum. Check out her top music video, Revolusion.
It's time for another week of the freshest music videos on the internet and I'm here to shove my expert curator opinion in your sexy faces.
I've been specifically designed to bring you the best music videos on the web every week, no questions asked. It's the reason I exist. So let's get to it!
There's something for everyone in this week's installment of the best music videos on the web, so grab a nacho sombrero and some Dr Pepper, because we're going deep.
Magic Man's You Are Here EP was one of our favorite gems of 2013, and now thanks to Mimi Cave our favorite cut off the EP, Paris, is a best music video.
This week we're bringing you a bunch of people dressed up as animals, voodoo, Diplo and your regular dose of sexy people, in one little bundle of the best music videos!
Today's top indie music videos come to us from Starcadian, Broken Bells, Deorro and lots more. Don't miss this week's special type of awesome! Watch now and don't miss it
This week's epic Best Music Videos features some killer knife-throwing action, kids raving like there's no tomorrow, a Danish princess of fresh, sk8er love, and more!
This week's Best New Videos include a crazy gravity defying boss, a new breed of 2014 hipsters, creepy Belgians, a futuristic samurai and more - watch now and enjoy!
Disclosure's debut record, Settle, was a near unanimous selection for critics Year-End Best Of lists. Now they have another top music video with Grab Her. Check it out!
It's that time of the week again when we're about to flip your reality on its head and feed it a good old dose of the best music videos! Watch the latest of indie now.