Best of the Week - Alternative Pop (8 Tracks!)



Listen, 4th of July is just around the how are you going to celebrate?!  For BitCandy’s LA music blog, we plan to blow shit up.   Like songs, speakers, and artists we love.  For example…like in this Best of the Week PopKiller addition! With BitCandy...pop music is something we cherish.  NO NOT THAT SHIT ON THE RADIO!  That stuff that SHOULD be on the radio...great songs, edgy, intelligent with great melodies that are credible…the stuff we're posting below.  

It used to be that this was the case you’d have amazing credible artists like Prince, David Bowie, Blondie, Talking Heads etc on the charts…but don’t worry...we don’t dumb down here (OK maybe except for our Maroon 5 mention but whatevs).   Here’s our favorite PopKiller tracks of the week!


Noosa - Walk On By

Loving this track from Brooklyn new comer Noosa...discovered by one of our latest Curator’s Russell D, who also wrote the full article on Noosa here.  Interested in becoming a Curator for BitCandy and writing for us?...You can!  Check this shit out here! 



Noosa - Sail 

Another of our Noosa favs...keep an eye on this hot cool song bitch!



Rock of Ages 2012 Mashup - DJ Schmolli

Along with John Carter, it's the biggest film bomb of the decade (so far) but this mashup from DJ Schmolli is “the bomb”...even if it is a little skkitzo.  And excellent video: 



Matt & Kim - Let's Go

BitCandy’s definition of what we call great pop music is reflected here in the new Matt & Kim single.   Here’s the “placeholder” video for Matt & Kim’s new single “Let’s Go.”  We hear there’s a “real” video on the way...but who knows...this $50 budget video might be the one that works.   I love how Matt & Kim are just chillin in the bleachers...that’s the way to work...haha.



Maroon 5 - One More Night

Our Curator Shannon G pretty much destroyed the Maroon 5 new album in her review here…the album “Overexposed” (appropriately titled and unfortunately the “joke” of the album is turning out to be more of the reality) came out  this week…and this is the new single that is actually a pretty great pop song.

And do we REALLY need to see more Adam Levine tattoos?  I guess so.  Anyway in this video we are let to believe Adam is realistically playing the role of a broke boxer.  Whatevs...(overheard by his band mates who aren’t in the video)



Shiny Toy Guns - Waiting Alone

New song I’m digging and apparently a return of the band’s original (super hottie) vocalist Carah Faye Charnow.  Still nothing has compared to their track “Le Disko” (still waiting for you to top that one, STG).  Oh thanks SO MUCH for providing no embed but you can listen to it on their Soundcloud in full here



Doe Paoro - Born Whole (Kokyo Remix)

One of our forthcoming Curators just turned us on to this track...loving it!  Kokyo (whoever you are!), you did a great mix...the original is completely different and so nicely "flipped."  Perfect example of a PopKiller creddy edgy pop that should be a on the radio.  Remember you can be a Curator too...check out this link. 



Duran Duran - The Reflex

Lastly I’m ending this post with my favorite pop song of all time…via Duran Duran.  “The Reflex” was a global #1 smash in 1984 and still is off the charts radilicious for me.  Enjoy.


Okey doke.  Thanks for checking out BitCandy’s LA Music Blog and don’t forget…your can check our Weekly Best of Indie and our Weekly Best of Electro as well too…equally as fun…equally packed with the jams.  We’re here to be your music filter...filtered by us...and you.  

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