Best Indie Songs (10 + Tracks!) Week 3 2013



We had to battle to bring you this week's Best of Indie. And not because there was a lack of top indie songs. But because we could just about see the blogosphere through the hype cloud that critics fawned over David Bowie's latest snoozebomb. Where are we now, David? Down the earplug aisle in Walmart. Moving swiftly along.

Indie was on motherfucking fire this week, everybody! So we hope you are not one of those weirdos with a frankly irrational fear of the number 13, as that is the amount of tracks we have for you today. Let's go!


Atoms For Peace “Judge, Jury and Executioner”

Atoms For Peace are back with another one of those scrapped Radiohead B-Sides. And if you think that was mean, we take an even bigger shit on Thom Yorke, here.


The Neighbourhood “Female Robbery”

Female Robbery” from Los Angeles quintet, The Neighbourhood, was not dug on enough the first time around. One rerecording with Lana Del Rey's producer later and let's try again, shall we?!


The Soft Moon “Die Life”

We won't mention the fact that “Die Life” is a poor man's “She's Lost Control.” Oh shit... We love you really, Luis Vasquez! The Trent Reznor of 2k13?


Mystikal “Hit Me”

Not indie, but look how many fucks we give. First Busta Rhymes. Now Mystikal. Cash Money is bringing sexy back!


Kitten “Cut It Out”

Taster this sassy electro slice from Los Angeles quartet Kitten's Cut It Out EP. Who doesn't love them some pussy on a Monday morning?


The Besnard Lakes “People of the Sticks”

People of the Sticks” is the soaring first single to be lifted from The Besnard Lakes' Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO. Preposterous title aside, we look forward to the full album dropping early April.


Django Django “Default”

A vintage sight-sound treat from Scottish art-rockers Django Django's self-titled debut album of awesome. Did we really just say "art-rockers"? Ew...


Oddience “Lit Lava Lamp”

Outkast? André 3000 is far too busy shearing his beard into ludicrous shapes for that. Step in Oddience. Can you believe this Los Angeles trio have under 500 "likes" on Facebook?!


Telekinesis “Ghost and Creatures”

Telekinesis is not an Alt J song, but Seattle's Benjamin Michael Lerner. His new single, “Ghost and Creatures,” is coming to a Nixon commercial near you, soon. Probably.


ERAAS “Ghost”

A riled phantom rises from the dead to avenge his dire suited assassin in the video for “Ghost.” If we wet the bed tonight, we are billing you, ERAAS...


Behold The Brave - Boots [Promoted]

Promoted post from band Behold the Brave.  Kinda a Black Keys thing going on here!  There's more going on with the collective this band is from here, which looks like a cool new take on the music biz:


Sea Lion “Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover)”

Is Linn Osterberg available to purchase from IKEA? We would like to carry her around in our pocket. Thanks, Sweden.


Pink Floyd “Wish You Were Here"

Lovely as you are, Sea Lion, this is the real fucking deal. Behold, the title track from Pink Floyd's 1975 masterpiece among masterpieces, Wish You Were Here. And suddenly, all words seem irrelevant. Press play for David Gilmour's sake!


Until we meet again, may BitCandy's top indie songs serve you well. Have a tip for next week's Best of Indie? Don't be shy, tell us below! Toodles, hipsters!