Best of Indie - 10 Jams! Week 32 2012


Sup Indie-sters? Us LA Music Bloggers here at BitCandy got bored of calling you all hipsters, so I have invented the next wave of cool: (Crayon) Indie-sters. (Note: this name is not endorsed by anyone but me YET, but you all should still adopt it.)

This week’s column is full of names you’re probably gonna recognize, but don’t worry, the tracks are still good enough to earn you some street cred with those cantankerous indie-sters. Conor Oberst toughens up a bit with a new Desaparecidos track, Pashy Pit released a new vid, indie legend David Byrne is teaming up with indie legend in the making, St. Vincent, Saint Saviour covers Bowie, and The Orb is recording with Lee “Scratch”” Perry! Few things make me more excited than excellent, off-beat musical team ups.

Let me lull you out of your daily hangover with this rad mix of tunage. Now get to it before I call you an indie-ster again. (Note: I promise never to use that term again.)


Visitor - “RNB”

Were you looking for a song that starts in the 80s with some synths, and ends firmly in 2008 with Justice-y bass? Then here ya go. Look for their debut album Sept. 10th.


Desaparecidos - “MariKKKopa”

I haven’t really been into music designed purely for crying alone in your room since I broke out of my Dashboard Confessional phase around age 15. So Bright Eyes, not so much my thing. But this post-punk track from Conor Oberst’s uber-political/liberal side project Desaparecidos is awesome. Listen for the quote from Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the end. Douche.


Passion Pit - “Constant Conversations”

Pashy Pit’s sophomore album debuted at #4 on Billboard! Guess it’s time to stop listening to them. (Oh wait I stopped like... two years ago.) If you’re not as hip as me, here’s their new video.  Also we pretty much hated the new album...filled with junk and typical "only 2 or 3 good songs."  Smell out piss on this album here.  


David Byrne and St. Vincent - “Weekend in the Dust”

David Byrne and St. Vincent are making an album together. If these words don’t mean anything to you, just listen to this song. As per usual, I love horns.


Saint Saviour - "Heroes" (David Bowie Cover)

If anyone knows the David Bowie of 2012... please let me know immediately (and no, it isn’t fucking Ariel Pink).


Bonde do Rolê - Baile Punk feat. The Death Set and DJ Chernobyl

Wild, weird and wonderful avalanche tropical (the new-school Bossa Nova) straight out of Brazil! And they’re produced by Diplo, so don’t think they’re gonna disappear anytime soon.


The Orb - "Golden Clouds (OICHO Remix)"

EDM gods The Orb are making an album with reggae forefather Lee “Scratch” Perry. Check out this sick remix from OICHO!


Elliott Smith - Alameda (Alternative Version)

Poor Elliott ... a knife in the heart.  Just like we feel listening to this gorgeous song.  (For those of you uniniated Elliott Smith allegedly put a knife through his own heart years back...though there are rumours about his girlfriend having something to do with it.  Sound familiar, Courtney?) 


Lighthouse and the Whaler - Venice

Thanks to Duffster, one of BitCandy’s Curators for the heads up on Lighthouse and the Whaler.  Really liking this track “Venice.”  Interested in becoming a Curator?  Check this shiot out here!


Joy Division - "She’s Lost Control (Live)"


A little classic live indie to close out the post from Joy Division.

Ahh, nothing like a classic to round out this week’s LA Music Blog indie column. We might be striving to bring you only the freshest of the fresh, but sometimes we all need a reminder of where hipster-ness began. And obviously that was with Joy Division. They’re basically hipster Messiahs. Would you worship at their feet? That is the true test.

Same time, same place, next week!


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