If you checked out on Hozier since his towering breakthrough hit “Take Me To Church,” that’s okay. We’re not here to shame or cast judgement. But dude has been pretty prolific since then and if you caught him on his recent tour in support of 2018’s Nina Cried Power EP, then you likely heard the Irish man’s take on the Destiny’s Child classic “Say My Name.”

Thankfully the team over at Spotify did the right thing and had Hozier and his band put their rendition on tape during a recent visit to Spotify’s studios.

Hozier had this to say about the song in a press release,
“During rehearsals for the recent tour, the band and I would throw around a few progressions and grooves while on break now and then. We fell into this bass line and just started singing the Destiny’s Child classic over it. I was enjoying the new arrangement and, as we jammed, I found that every member of the band had something sweet to offer it. It was also one of those great tunes that had found its way onto the bus playlist, so it felt right to pay our respects to Destiny’s Child and perform ‘Say My Name’ for the Spotify session.”

It’s a fantastic single that Hozier makes his own while still paying proper homage to the original. I’d be completely on board for an entire album of late 90’s early 00’s R&B covers from this Irish lad.



Mad respect for Hozier for keeping the song’s lyrics fully intact. Lesser people would’ve shown their true colors in this scenario.

Head over to Spotify where you can also here the first single, “Movement,” off Hozier’s upcoming sophomore effort Wasteland, Baby!, due out early this year. He will be making 26 stops on this side of the Atlantic in support of the record. Check out his official site for dates and ticket information.


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