Best Songs Ever

For four GLORIOUS minutes on Rush's 1978 album, Hemispheres, lyricist, Neil Peart cuts the existentialistic jibber-jabber to instead tackle the topic of...deforestation.
Did you know today's Best Songs Ever - Blondie's "Rapture' - was the first rap song to reach #1?! The song is lifted from Blondie's fifth studio album, Autoamerican.
In 1993, the folksinger slob that is Beck unleashed his breakthrough smash, and yes, one of The Guard's Best Songs Ever, Loser. Get nostalgic with the video and lyrics.
When I first listened to Andrew Bird's album, Break It Yourself, I was driving through the barren hellscape that is southern New Mexico. Listen what got me through...
Van Halen's 'Panama' may be one of the CHEESIEST chunks of heavy metal, but it is also one of the Best Songs Ever! Check out the retro video. Remember Eddie's solo?
To celebrate Halloween, we are trick 'o' treating you to one of the SPOOKIEST Best Songs Ever - 'Time Warp,' from the cult CLASSIC, Rocky Horror Show.