Best Songs Ever

Self-described "blackest 'white' band," White Arrows have been getting a lot of positive buzz, and when you listen below to "Fireworks at Sea," you'll understand why.
Get two Best Songs Ever for one with this awesome retro mash from DJ Fusion, 'I Wonder If Heaven Got A Stairway" on The Guard's Music Filter and Internet Radio.
Usher had a new album drop this week. What's different about the aptly titled Looking 4 Myself, his eighth studio album, is the indie flare that it has.
The Guard are stumped as to how such a simple, repetitive synth line managed to endure for so long, but since 1999, Darude's 'Sandstorm' has remained defiant.
John Lydon is best remembered as the Rotten front man of The Sex Pistols. His most innovative work came after he formed Public Image Ltd. Check out Today's Candy, 'Rise.'