Frankie Rose-Interstellar: Best New Indie


Frankie Rose – Interstellar: Best New Indie written by nfinateri.

 Whether you know Frankie Rose from her former bands, Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls or even her first solo with The Outs, one thing is clear: the Brooklyn-based garage/noise pop songstress keeps pushing forward.

It was wild because after I listened to the Interstellar album, I felt like I revisited memories from my past finding motivation for things I wanted to do in the future, i.e. buy a reverb pedal for my old hand-me-down Ibanez electric guitar my dad gave me.

Frankie opens the album with "Interstellar" where she immediately creates this imaginative world: "Moving swiftly on the interstellar highway," that lifts you up and suddenly you see colorful pathways in a distance, where you know you are ready to embrace anything that comes your way. A combination of sustained synthesizers, drums and Rose's etherealconveyance had me hooked within the first two minutes.

Suddenly, you land into her next track, "Know Me," where within seconds, I am tapping my foot and getting excited. You can't help but indirectly notice Rose manifesting even more as the track plays on. It's interesting, because one minute you are listening to one track but yet it brings you back to a time completely different yet similar.

The true beauty of Interstellar is its aesthetics. Rose provides a soundscape with her shimmering harmonies and textures. It allows you to dissolve and get lost into the songs and go through your own journey. It's like those books we all once were addicted to: Choose your own adventure. So relax and soak up the infectiously dreamy reverb-driven indie pop reverie, Interstellar.

I highly recommend checking out Frankie Rose's album Interstellar.


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