Best New Indie: St. Lucia


If you are hunting down New Music For 2012, say yo to St. Lucia, the latest bro in a Brooklyn bedroom to set the blogosphere on fire.

Born in South Africa, the profound influence that Jean-Philip Groble's homeland has on his exotic pop is utterly lucid, but it is his current NY cove that hands St. Lucia its intriguing metropolitan spin.

Groble himself prefers to put it like this: “St. Lucia is what happens when the long and bleak winters of New York recede and summer emerges; giving birth to memories of childhood holidays, faded photos of exotic places and the dream of recapturing this.”

Hipster depictions aside, we recommend you check out St. Lucia's eponymous debut EP (below) if you are up for some guilt-free cred-pop. The key songs? “The Old House Is Gone,” “Before The Dive,” “Older Than This” and the ultra-hooky (and our mega favorite) “All Eyes On You.”

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