Best New Indie Find: Twinsy


Say hello to Twinsy, a self-stamped "D-list supergroup" compromising of Guy Chappell (Yacht Club DJs), Michael Belsar (Hunting Ground) and Ajax (Under Your Sink / Bang Gang).

Hailing from Melbourne, Twinsy compose the suitably sanguine synth pop that you would expect to ooze from their sunlit Aussie city.

Fusing Vampire Weekend, MGMT and Friendly Fires with their own added tropicana twist, Twinsy currently look set to challenge Cut Copy to BitCandy's coveted "Best Feel Good Electronica Artist from Australia" award.

Btw, these dudes are so fresh, they don't even have a decent press shot yet (so for now, their logo will have to do ya).

So crack open a beer (Foster's if possible), lie back on a lilo (as in a inflatable mattress, not Lindsay Lohan), and celebrate the start of summertime with some of our favorite Twinsy toons below (including a remix of Childish Gambino's "Do Ya Like") (excess use of brackets?) (sorry).


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