Indie Cover Songs

Both Butter and Lola Blanc echo the current dichotomy of Southern California music - on one hand, it’s poppy and accessible; on the other, it’s dark and edgy and weird as hell. This intent is hardwired in Butter’s DNA, coming out of the gate with a wooly, wired version of Ariel Pink’s For Kate I Wait, available July 5th.
Outkast’s Hey Ya is one of the most beloved songs of our generation. It would be near-impossible to make a cover that’s as memorable as the original, but evidently The Guard’s very own DENM was up for the challenge.
Holy freeeeeak! Talk about a blast from the past (I guess this is where my age really shows). Alternative indie band take on a 90s cult favorite track, Born Slippy. Originally released by British band Underworld as a B-side, the song gained popularity with the not so very well known movie “Trainspotting”...twenty-two years later and we now have this....
Most of us will always have a soft spot for those classic guilty-pleasure songs. So when I heard that the super cool electropop singer-songwriter Betty Who covered Donna Lewis’ hit song, I Love You Always Forever, I couldn’t wait to listen! Betty Who was the perfect contender to cover this nostalgic classic.
Understandably hyped-up new singer-songwriter Bibi Bourelli caught our attention last year when she was discovered to be the mastermind behind Princess RiRi's fiery single, Bitch Better Have My Money. This time it’s a family affair as she’s teamed up with her Uncle Carl on keys and her dad on guitar, as they cover the classic Leonard Cohen song, Hallelujah.
Toronto-based quartet Weaves was approached by now defunct streaming service Rdio to cover Drag Me Down by One DirectIon. They render this pop ballad nearly unrecognizable, coating it in layers of grime and stank.