New Artist Finds - Jungle


Today I tried to take a shortcut home…Fail. Why? Because once you start driving into downtown LA and hit traffic, there’s no turning back. I couldn’t help but look up at all those buildings downtown and think of my time spent in the Big Apple; you know, the concrete city whose streets are pulsing with entrepreneurial life at all points in the day…Well maybe that’s how you’ve decided to live, but I for one have taken note of a different concrete Jungle….

This concrete wall of soulful sound stems from London, and has an equally catchy video….and that young B-Boy dancing? That’s just brilliant. I don’t know why he’s so smooth but that kid can jive. “Platoon” is a muddied underwater jam that bubbles and bounces elegantly without ever becoming to forceful.

There is something to be said there; We’re in an age where pushing a button on a keyboard and pushing play is pretty common place. But here, Jungle shows just how smooth electronics can be when they are subdued and released from that once so digital-sounding sound, into the free open range to explore more mature sonic pastures.

Jungle "Drops" some serious tunes and this one’s no different. The song pulses with a sense of controlled energy that would make most ADHD patients uneasy…and not because it's incredibly frantic or scattered, but perhaps it feels as if it’s the equivalent of Hannibal Lecter looking at you while being strapped in the jacket; intelligently controlled with the ability to let loose at any given moment. I’d recommend sipping, rather chugging this cup of Jungle juice.

jungle like a boss