New Artist Find: Mons Montis


Swept” by fantastic new artist Mons Montis is just dripping with an otherworldly vibe that befits their intra-galactic name. Thanks to legendary curator Duffster for bringing this fantastic Swedish trio from the edge of obscurity to the forefront of our attention. With only one song on SoundCloud, Mons Montis only had that solo shot to impress - and impress they did. This song has something for everyone: stellar beats, catchy melodies, beautiful vocals, a hook to die for and ambience dripping from every synth strike. I think I even hear some straight-up electric guitar in there at one point.

I have to assume that the Mons that band members Herman Båverud Olsson, Viktor Paulsrud and Julia Hjertström (vocals) are referring to is more like Olympus Mons and less like a crotch, if only because it seems to fit more in line with the dramatic nature of this track.

While it is unfortunate that “Swept” is the only track we have from Mons Montis, it’s more than enough to wet my appetite and make me hungry for more from this obviously talented trio.

“Dream pop” is one of those genre labels I love to scoff at, but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a tune that fits into that description better. I can almost hear this song as the soundtrack to my nocturnal wandering.

Take a listen and let us know if you find “Swept” just as dreamy.

From the gentle swirling intro to the “mic drop” finish I genuinely can’t get enough of this song. It’s a deft and detail-oriented approach to electronic music that so often goes underappreciated. It’s a balancing act, and Mons Montis has made it across the wire.

“Swept” is an extremely promising first foray from a very interesting band. As one commenter on SoundCloud so eloquently expressed, the song is simply, “pretty as fuck.” It’s a solid tune.

Mons Montis is still the kind of obscure that makes me wonder how Duffster even digs these artists up: one song on SoundCloud, 836 “likes” on Facebook, no YouTube presence, no tour scheduled – they’re the very definition of a new artist.

Still, the kind of talent displayed in “Swept” hopefully means they won’t languish in obscurity for too long. I’m very much looking forward to their next SoundCloud upload; there could be some monumental things in store for Mons Montis.