What image enters your mind’s eye when you hear the phrase Gravedigger?

This goth-indie amalgam has been a fixture of literature since the 18th Century and a staple of moody/sad bastard music since at least the Reagan Administration. (Shout out to everyone dealing with the complications of loving Morrisey’s music but coming to terms with the fact that he’s become a shitty, run-of-the-mill racists in his old age).

Dark pop savants MXMS (Me and My Shadow) put their own twist on this classic in a song we’re not shy about sharing our love for. Now on the cusp of fall and the year anniversary of “Gravedigger” the song is given a second life thanks to a spectacular remix from Saint Punk.  



The Los Angeles native calls his music ‘Grunge House,’ and that’s a perfect description of his transformation take on “Gravedigger.” The DJ/Producer adds several layers of grime to the proceedings, replacing the brooding synth with a series of electronic pulses. Flanked by some classic 808s, the remix has a real menace and bite to it that.

Along with a more industrial soundscape, Saint Punk also puts his own touches on the song by adding an increased focus and intensity of the build and drop. These EDM-elements were mere accessories on the original, but on this remix they’re more central to the arrangement.

“Gravedigger” is a fantastic song in its own right and shows off its depth by being worth of so many remixes.

For comparison's sake, here’s the original version.

Both MXMS and Saint Punk are in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment. Stay tuned to We Are: The Guard as well as the band's socials to stay up to date on all their latest happenings.


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