Another day, another remix of MXMS’ stunning track “Gravedigger”. This time the reworking is helmed by the hyperaggressive EDM stylings of Satronica.

The Brooklyn-based DJ and producer made a name for himself by combining elements of Hardcore and Punk into his dance music. Born Matt Moran, Satronica waste no time in bending the song to his will.

EDM (and it’s lovechild Dubstep) has always had an antagonistic reputation, but Moran turns the energy and anger up to 11. His remix of “Gravedigger” starts by splicing up the song’s most memorable line, Ariel singing “I know you want to fuck me and you’ll never forget it”, with a series of electronic phasers for maximum disorientation. Percussions rapidly drive the tempo forward as Satronica throws bits of House, Dubstep, and PC Pop into the song without entirely changing its shape.  

This remix is frantic and chaotic. Whereas the original has a slow, ominous build, Satronica’s reimagining of “Gravedigger” is a full-frontal assault on the senses.

MXMS have described their music as funeral pop. This is funeral pop if the funeral is followed by an anarchistic revolution. 



For more of Santronica, check out “Hardcore Wrecka”, his latest track, a collaboration with the hard dance duo Treachery. He’s got an absurdly large back catalog, a small portion of which is available on major streaming services, that’s also worth your time.

The guy’s really good.


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