New Artist: Alpine (for fans of The Knife)


Finally, we're starting to see a new artist cast a shadow on the silver-gleam sheen of nordic indie pop lands, and their endless supply of perfectly delicate vocalists. Alpine are two birds of airy singing prey from Australia, supported by four dudes with a penchant for equally glass-pinging guitar, synth and crisp drum work, corralling together on viciously seductive funk ground. This right here's your spring fling jam, ladies taking harmony lead: "There's gasoline in your heart/There's fire in mine/I know I'm never gonna light you/But there's always night time:"

The sextet is due for a debut LP on May 21, titled A is for Alpine, rather blandly explained by co-frontbird Pheobe Baker as an "innocent and not so innocent explorations through [their] early-twenty-something emotions." Ignore this.

Press bites are not their strong-suit. Rather proceed to the hypnotic, ethereal vulnerability of "Hands" that takes 19 cryptically erotic words and dabbles in something hip-swingingly therapeutic an early version of The Knife could have cut. It also has one of the illest best new videos we've torn the wrapper off here at BitCandy, with a cult of Virgin Suicides girls doing some grand things to chicken and watermelon, among other curiosities paralleling a song about both the enemy and love:

Thanks to our Curator, Christina Li for turning us on to this artist.  You can become a Curator here btw,