New Artist Find: Bam Spacey


Hola from sunny LA…here to bring you some tunes from nowhere near LA. Yup like Sweden per se. Ahh..Svveedenn, zee home of my choice of Vodka at the very moment SVEDKA, speaking of which I heard swedes are particularly fun when they drink…no kidding?Tthey're typically straight-laced and seem slightly confused when letting loose…well then maybe that’s why our featured artist goes by the moniker of BAM SPACEY

Lush sounds finally not getting the English verbal lay-over treatment. I embrace and love the idea of foreign sounds, music, and language presenting the historical context of the artists’ whereabouts; whether it be currently within the confines of one’s own head or lurking about on familiar streets…there is comfortability with understanding. Knowing. Comprehending. These common familiarities and checkpoints intertwine like the branches of the tree submerged in the River we all wade in together. 

What we also haven’t mentioned is that Bam Spacey is the microhouse / ambient dub / minimal techno solo project of Magnus Johansson. Other projects have come and gone since 2007, but the latest releases are a bit more explorative allowing Johansson to decisively match his “tripped out vision” with a “sonic approach focused on optimism, movement, and color…” Gror is one of those tracks that showcases this optimism, but it is not shown in its traditional light, rather using darker colors to invoke the drums energetically-haunting pulse. Also if you scream the title of the song out loud you may sound like a lion… GROOOOOARRRRRRRRR…I shall name you simba…and then have miley cyrus twerk on you…and on the Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte...

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte

and even possibly on the entirety of your Persistence of Memory?

Persistence of Memory

BAM SPACEY's got a new EP coming out this fall...check it.  We know BitCandy's Curator, Duffster did...who brought us this fine artist.  You can be a BitCandy Curator too...check it out yo.