New Artist Finds: Bernhoft


Norwegian Indie Soul singer Bernhoft looks a lot like someone I'd want to punch in the face if I ever saw em out at a bar. In fact it was mighty difficult to resist knocking my monitor off the desk with a swift right hook to his smug, bespectacled face.  (If Bernhoft is reading this, you know we are just keeeding). Still, faux hawks, hipster specs and theoretical violence aside, it's hard to deny this guys fanstastic talent.  We dig.  Bernhoft can absolutely rock, and he's got soul in spades.

Bernhoft is a one-man-band, but not in that silly tambourine on his foot, cymbal on his hat kind of way. Bernhoft is a one-man-band in the way that only modern technology can make possible. Loops, pedals and a plethora of effects let Bernhoft be the only guy on stage while still sounding like a full ensemble.

He's like R&B's answer to Keller Williams.

Bernhoft has an uncanny knack for the rhythm and flow of Soul music. Perhaps it's just my ethnocentric worldview, being an American and all, but Norway is not high on the list of places I expect good, heartfelt soul music to come from. Turns out those frigid Norwegian tundras churn out R&B on par with many places in the depths of America.

Check out Bernhoft's "C'mon Talk" for an excellent example of his layered, soulful style.

What Bernhoft lacks in fashion sense he makes up for in musical ability (and that's saying something after seeing the scarf, wife-beater, suspenders combo featured in this next video). He really is an exceptional guitarist with excellent timing and a truly uncanny knack for the smoothness and swagger of Soul music.

Bernhoft has a range somewhere from Marvin Gaye to John Mayer. He's catchy, talented and interesting in spite of himself. The music is good, even without the one-man-band schtick.

Bernhoft isn't exactly what I'd call a "new artist," he's a well established presence online with several of his videos in the millions of views. The recognition is well-deserved.

Take a listen to "Choices" and decide for yourself.

Bernhoft does lead vocals, backing vocals, percussion, rhythym and lead guitar all on "Choices," and he does it live. As someone who personally struggles to do two of those things at once, that's downright impressive.

You can laugh at his hair, or call his act a gimmick, but when you get right down to it Bernhoft is a damn fine musician. He may not exactly be a "new artist" as he is fairly well established, but his innovative act is worth keeping an eye on.

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