New Artist: Blonds


Someone told this West Palm, Florida duo that Brooklyn is like, cool and stuff, and turn-the-digital-page, there's a spread on this new Beach Housian boy-girl item in the New York Times with sharper teeth and an apartment they probably can't afford.

Such is what is both working for and against Cari Rae (vocals) and Jordy Asher (composer) who like all their other sonic counterparts - Cults, Memoryhouse, Tennis - may or may not be dating. However, those sharper teeth do chew into lovelorn fruit like its Eden, guffawing at a silly thing like "time" not being on their side in the city that never sleeps:

Cari Rae, she's intoxicating - equal parts doo-wop and femme fetale. And Jordy Asher, he stirs the drum machine pot from psychedelic to clobber with a smooth sail. It would not surprise us if in fact they are creators in love.

There's an unspoken symmetry here in the shimmering guitar hooks Asher has an affinity for that build into Rae's howls; she growing stronger, feeding off every noir delay effect with a wink, even in their gnar-blues grittiest. Even if doomed to be swallowed by the Brooklyn machine, it's gonna be one hell of a ride watching the two "run, run, run:"

Blongs is one of favorite new artists so far for 2013.