New Artist Find: Brian Randazzo


You won’t find anyone on the planet that hates instrumental music more than I do, but when it’s done right, when it really, really just captures you with every beat, that’s when I’m in awe, in love, unable to think about anything else. That’s when I’m happy, and right now, I’m very happy, because today’s New Artist Find is simply breathe taking, and although the internet seems to know absolutely nothing about him, all you need is this one track, right here, right now.


Brian Randazzo – My Other Other Girl

Can I start off by saying that that is quite possibly the best track title I have ever seen, anywhere, EVER. I love it, and it makes sense, and now all I want is to listen to this track on a loop and maybe (I can’t believe I’m about to say this) watch the new Lindsay Lohan movie of which this song is part of the soundtrack. Good songs make you do weird things, and I couldn’t be happier than I am right now, sitting here on a lonely weeknight with nothing to do but listen to a song that seems to lift up everything in the room and as it all hangs there, I’m smiling, relaxed in the balance of the most wonderful sounds.

While I’ve never been pleasantly surprised by dubstep, but this track did it. Now take a long, hard look at Lindsay Lohan looking beautiful and let’s remember her that way from now on. I thought I might as well throw the trailer in, just so you won’t be disappointed that we can’t offer you any more from this mysterious talent. It’ll probably make you laugh, but hearing this track one more time is worth it.