New Indie Artist: Cherub


Step #1. Ignore this new artists angelic band name... Cherub hedonists, Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, are those kind of dudes that you simultaneously love to hate and hate to love. You love them for showing you a good time, but you hate them for stealing your girlfriend at the end of the night... Looking to spread “a little bit of sex, a little bit of drugs, and a whole lot of love,” hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, cause Cherub are taking their filthy-pop out of Nashville and putting it straight in your pants this 2013:

Life reached a whole 'nother level of party for the few on-the-ball music fans who got their mitts on Kelley and Huber's champagne-drenched debut album, Man of the Hour, in late 2011... Soon after, a raspberry ripple was sent through the blogosphere, as yet more dared to dip their tootsies into Cherub's “neo-soul” - a genre that was lovingly applied to the duo by the sonic aficionados who detected the funky aromas of Prince and Zapp:

Kelley and Huber released their sophomore album, Mom & Dad, at the turn of 2012 - a period of extreme drought for the 'electronic duo.' MGMT were holed up in the cryptic Tarbox Road Studios, while Empire of the Sun were, well, nowhere to be fucking seen... But these frigid artists can hardly be compared to Cherub, who adopt a less esoteric, more erotic approach to their 'lectro music - which can and will pop the cherry of anybody in its path. Sound dirty? Well, baby, that's because it's meant to be... Mimosa?: