If you’re looking for a musical pick-me-up, look no further than Chris Malinchak’s harmonious single, “So Good to Me.” New York based DJ and record producer released the popular single last year to glowing reviews from fans and musicians alike. “So Good to me” symbolizes happiness to its many of listeners, indicated in their gushing reviews for the single on Malinchak’s SoundCloud: “can't ever get enough of this track... pure bliss”, “always gets me... it grabs my heart the right way” and “What happiness sounds like :).”

The understated tune exhibits an impressing level of finesse through mellow cascading synths that coos the listener into a state of bliss. The lyrical content isn’t exactly in competition with Shakespeare, as the ambiguous vocals chant: “You've been so good to me/ Give you anything/ You've been so good to me/ Your love inside of me” though, the simplicity creates the impression of carefree summertime loving and easy living—and who doesn’t want that?

Without further ado, I introduce the ultimate feel good song of the year.

Does this mean no more “Summertime Sadness.”?

Go get happy: