New Artist Find: Cosmic Quest


California’s own Brett Geiger has been busy making music that will take you on an intergalactic journey through the stars, making it impossible to imagine him going by any other name besides Cosmic Quest. This new artist started getting the EDM itch during his final semesters of college, and is now signed to Almeda Records, creating space age remixes as well as original material that will send you and your ears into another dimension.

“Heaven Drops” is definitely an appropriate title for this track. It’s jam packed with mystical arpeggios that sound as if they are being sprinkled down on your head from the cosmos. Eventually the track takes a turn and before you know it you are time traveling into an eighties' mall arcade where you’re surrounded by the sounds of Centipede and Pac Man, fusing together to create an 8-bit electronic symphony. And to top it all off, Youtube’s favorite talking cat makes a guest appearance for the track’s big finale.

no no no cat

His chopped and screwed remix of label-mate Seventh Wonder’s chill, deep house track, “My Favorite Dream,” features everything from random samples of barking dogs to a pissed off growling lion. His free flowing, avant garde structure shines through on this track, giving the original an ambient, futuristic make-over.

Shout out to BitCandy Curator for this awesome new artist! To listen to more Cosmic Quest, check out his Soundcloud page and get lost in more space-age remixes.