New Artists: Dead Ceremony


One of our picks for new music of 2013 is a solo soldier who goes by the moniker of Dead Ceremony. Okay, so his real name may be Christopher Stewart, but his stage name is much more intriguing and pairs perfectly with his intoxicating echoing vocals.

His first single, titled "Trophy," is a soft and honest track that is basically about a douche bag telling his significant other to fuck off. Or, it could be about a dude telling his psycho bitch of girlfriend to fuck off. Hmmm, I think you get the point. It’s honestly a very lovely song and quite brilliant if I may say so myself.



For fack sakes, ‘You are my trophy of misery.’ I wonder what the damn chick did to mess the dude up. Now that I think of it, the vocals of DC sound as if he’s been dragged through the trenches of a brutal love affair, yet the cheerful piano leads the way to a more promising future of the single life.

You know what... next time you find yourself in one of those situations where you can’t really find the words to tell your bf/gf it’s over, just pull a John Cusack and blast this tune on your boombox...they get the point.

better off dead

I wish I could give you more insight on the guy, but I’m afraid his Facebook page is limited at the moment. But feel free to pay him a visit.

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