New Artist Find: Die Mason Die


I'm sorry. I'm going to say it so no one else has to; I do not like your band name. It's fine though, because I'm sure you would say the same for my kara-tae-death core band called Mo-Shoe Tu-Head. I'm not saying we're killing it or anything, or even really exist, but what I can tell that there is more to top indie bands than just their name. Die Mason Die are the perfect example to show how this is oh-so very true.

It's really a phenomenal song. Just let it build and sink in. It picks up with those cymbal hits again around the 1:55 mark. What is remarkable is how the song builds and breaks on a dime, but does not forget about the middle ground. The foreground is exploited by those deep vocal /guitar only sections, but the trumpets and other underlying ambient sounds / percussion are well placed and play up the optimism...only yet again to be dropped into a pit of loneliness and despair.

There is an elegance here that seems to be flaunting itself in front of our faces. It knows its own presence and it's not ashamed to admit when it's right and when it's wrong. It's also not afraid to confront those wrongs and leave you desolate, isolated and wading through your own sea of confused throught and intra-intervention. It is often in these times, where we also remain hauntingly silent, focused, and remarkably solemn; pondering the true nature of how you even come to find yourself in this current position.

This is truly the beautiful, dark side of folk. Embrace it as it welcomes you and smothers you whole... smothers you, with its mouth foaming and veins pulsing straight out of a countryside-set drama film. Although its technique may be fierce, the vocal delivery is soothing, accompanying, and downright ethereal...Still don't believe me?

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