New Bands / Artist Find - Dive In


Let me know if I'm wrong, but I feel as if the last 3 years have been heavily flooded with aqueous sounding new bands and names...a deluge that contains DIIV, Washed Out, ummm, errr, wow i pretty much effed that up anndd I'm not even gonna hit the delete button. Becuase I, just like you, can have some mental lapses sometimes. Luckily one of our curators, Duffster, keeps us all up to speed on the most primo shit..Don't hate bro. WE keeps it real iff yaahh FEEEELL MEEEE..ok ok Enough of that, let's Dive In.

"I really wanna know how you really feel..."

Personally, I suggest never saying that above phrase to anyone, unless you actually mean it. You never know who will open up right in front of you and then cause some kind of mental anguish on the basis of someone not providing the other with enough attention. That shit can get murky...

Well Dive In's "Let Go" is the exact opposite. Like soapy bubbles falling in the middle of a sun-soaked meadow being chased by fairies riding clouds made of cotton candy :-). You've never seen one?


I am now cleansed. Carry onward and enjoy the rest of the best indie songs on BitCandy.