New Artist Finds: Djrum


Rain cascades down the windows of these London street homes. Eyes peer from behind every glass border, stray, and get lost in the contemplation of their own visual comprehension. The cloud formations darken the sky, and scatter different degrees of precipitation across the empty streets; from light and gentle scattered showers... to torrentially tremendous deluges, the force all controlled by a man who goes by the name of Djrum.

I imagine melting into a sea of wandering souls. Immensely alone, but so graciously accepted by the lovely soundscapes that have been created here that I have no other choice but to smile and dance along the desired path...But what if that path only led to a more destructive hole; a deeper hole, exploring the introverted thought of your own personal hell.

The beat of your heart is throbbing through your head.
Do not be afraid. Reach out and embrace its mystery.
Envelop yourself in its syncopation, its rhythmic tic of natural order..
and let yourself exhale...

Felix Manuel, aka Djrum, is conjuring up what we think to be some of the most impressively mature sounding downtempo bass-electronica out there and I'm sure you'll agree. Check out his latest "Seven Lies" below. I'm gonna go lounge the ffffff out and listen to it again myself. Enjoy.