New Artist Find: Emma Davis


It takes a lot to surprise me. It takes even more to make my day. But Bitcandy’s fabulous curator Francis has managed to do both in one swift swoop, namely a lovely a little Brit singer-songwriter called Emma Davis. Delicate, immersive and quite sad indeed, her songs could make for some beautiful background music, if they weren’t so damn perfect. Try putting this on and not drifting away to that deep place in your mind that you don’t often visit anymore. It’s near impossible! But why would you want to prevent such a beautiful thing anyway? Now let’s dive right in to the best part of my day!


Emma Davis - Feel A Thing

Have you ever read a Thought Catalog article and realized that the writer knows more about you than you ever will? I know that feeling all too well and that’s exactly how this track feels. And the fact that her sweet, mellow voice, upbeat guitar and bitterly honest lyrics work so well together, well that’s just the universe telling us that it still loves us. And also that Emma Davis is the loveliest sound to ever come out of Australia. Unless those uh… unique accents turn you on!


Emma Davis – Machines

This video = A ++++! It’s sort of mesmerizing, no?! It’s like explaining a super complicated subject in the simplest way possible. And the song; lingering. This is the one that you’re going to listen to for hours and not even realize it. I don’t know exactly why it’s so perfect, it’s like trying to figure out why a sunset is perfect, why a rainbow is perfect, why Miley Cyrus is perfect. Oh, is that just me?! OK, never mind.


Emma Davis – Someone Like Me

If I suddenly became a millionaire, I would hire Emma Davis to follow me around and take every romantically stupid thing I do and write a song about it so I don’t feel so bad anymore. Also, I think she’d make a great therapist. She just seems to understand what it’s like to be a person and she knows exactly how to express that. Her whispery voice does an amazing job on this track too.
Now, I’ve got some very important business to discuss with you, so you better be listening! Emma Davis is the best thing I reviewed all year. Seriously! So if you even mildly enjoyed any of the above songs, there’s only one thing to do now; go to her Bandcamp page and buy her self-titled album. It’s 13 tracks of pure amazement. I mean, even the illustrations are effing cool. If I could take a bath in her music I would, but alas physics or something like that won’t allow me to, so for now I’ll just keep on keeping on and try to be as cool as Emma Davis.

Oh yeah, and if you’re lucky enough to be in sunny Australia, you get to see this little songbird live in November, so don’t take that for granted, bitches!

BUY THIS NOW: (If you happen to be broke, sell yourself on Craigslist or something)