There’s been plenty of EDM and electropop acts satisfying our dance music cravings this year, but no one has been as awesomely 70’s and disco-inspired as Liverpool’s very original, All We Are. Band members Guro Gikling, Richard O’Flynn, and Luis Santos are an international bunch (Ireland, Brazil, and Norway…super worldly!) that besides seeming to all have a thing for the Bee Gees, they have enough talent to all flawlessly sing in falsetto. The trio describes their infectious blend of modern indie-pop and disco on their Facebook page as “psychedelic boogie,” and I couldn’t have said it better myself.



“I Wear You” is their lead single off of their upcoming self-titled album, and it’s packed with Bee Gees-inspired vocals, a funky bass line, and electric guitar that blends together to create a seriously groovy track. My favorite part of the song has to be the distorted guitar solo around the 2:00 mark, as it breaks up the song a bit but still leaves you singing “ooh-ooh-ooh” long after it’s over.



“Utmost Good” has got to be my favorite track of theirs as it’s packed with a slow-grooving beat, moody yet sassy bass lines, and some soulful falsetto vocals. It has a relaxed, almost defeated vibe as the song is about doing all you can to please someone, but finally giving up when you realize it will never be enough. The video is just as dreamy-looking as the song sounds, as you watch slow motion close ups of people mouthing the lines, “I keep trying to please you/ Giving you my utmost good/ But it’s just not good enough.”



This low-key track is perfect for winding down at the end of a long day, without putting you to sleep. “Feel Safe” features the band’s unique vocals as well as a bit of synth-work here and there. I love the rough-sounding guitar that’s introduced around the 2:40 mark, as it stays for the remainder of the track and gives its relaxed vibe just enough energy to end on a more urgent note. Its totally a song that you’ll keep coming back to.

To keep up with what All We Are are doing next, make sure to give their Facebook page a “like” and tell ‘em BitCandy says hi! And lastly, I’d like to thank Curator, Pavit B., for sharing this awesome new band with us!


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