New Indie Artist: Big Scary


The other day while sleeping through Matt & Kim’s new album, I couldn’t help but wonder if the whole idea of the boy/girl act was simply a dying scene. Perhaps, but I chose to believe otherwise. The fact of the matter is finding a boy/girl band that has as much talent as they do charm is like stumbling upon an Ivory Unicorn.

It’s rare and when you find it you have to pinch your private parts just to make sure it’s not just another one of your drug induced hallucinations. Such is the case with today’s new music discovery, Big Scary. If you ranked all the boy/girl acts from the present, Jo and Tom (members/founders of Big Scary), lie at the top.

The two friends have been creating indie/rock/pop/fuzz since 2008. Had I known sooner, I would have been all over this.


Big Scary - Luck Now

Palms are sweaty, heart's racing, cue the beat, add the piano, enter Tom’s heart aching vocals that fade into fuzzy steady heart beats. How do we know these guys are onto something? When you find yourself completely absorbed by the music that it takes you a good minute to realize that your eyes are moist and there’s a tear streaming down your cheek. What?! The song rubbed off on me in a very emotional way.

Alongside their ability to making you (*me) cry like a pussy, Big Scary has a knack for combining sounds/influences from other artists and turning them into a beef stew: warm, hearty, and so good you want seconds.


Big Scary - Phil Collins

What’s next for the duo? Their second full length album, Not Art, will be release on June 28, 2013 via their own label, Pieater

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