New Artist Find: Bloodgroup


I can’t tell you exactly why this feels right at 3:23 AM, but our new artist find, Bloodgroup have curiously intrigued me as I work into the wee hours of the morning. I’m really not even sure how I classify this or who to suggest this for.  I hope I’m not showing my age, but I get a touch of the ole’ Depeche Mode here.  Oh and big credit again to our Curator Duffster who turned on to the band. (Learn how you can do that too here.)

No? That’s ok. You’re probably one of the other Under 21 trypical-crowdgoers, who will be at Austin City Limits, and have no efffing idea who in god’s name your 34-year old hipster dad is bitching about seeing…and just to clarify I have nothing against 34 year-old hipster dads.

It sounds like maybe, justttt maaaybeee, they tapped into this secret formula of eccentric, exotic, lustful electronica that has this way of mysteriously creeping into the layers of these songs. Well creep away! And creep hard…

Creep so hard

No, but seriously I feel like I’m running down an endless hallway; pitch black and littered with my own hallucinatory fascinations with some kind of off-beat, quirky playfulness; Rocky Horror-Picture Show-esque for sure. At first listen, I thought that this could be the 2013 EDM-reincarnation of Orgy (you know Blue Monday, trust me), but wasn’t completely sure.

Check out one of our favorites "Disquiet"


Bloodgroup - Disquiet

It’s definitely a tip o’ the hat to the yesteryear and generation of folks who didn’t have internet, cell phones, google…internet and never even thought that Duck Hunt would turn into something like Call of Duty. But hey that’s where were at, and I’m proud of it. This is definitely not your typical sound, so if you want the soundtrack to your next masquerade-themed-orgy, here is your soundtrack.They just released their new one, Tracing Echoes, luckily for you, we already did the hard go ahead and click play!

One of our fav killer tracks from Bloodgroup called "Lines"

Can't get enough?  Here's the full album...and don't forget you can always listen to free indie radio at BitCandy!  

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