We here at BitCandy are super excited to bring you 18-year-old Devin Murphy, aka Dev09. The South Bend, Indiana native is gaining some well-deserved praise with her unique and stripped down alternative pop sound that already caught the attention of ASAP Ferg collaborator  Stelios Phili, who produced her tracks “Lethal” and “You Made Me.” Her talk-sing vocals and stripped down sound bring something totally unique to the alternative pop world, and she is quickly on her way to joining the ranks of artists like Halsey, Lorde, or Charlie XCX. Read on to discover one of our favorite new artists, Dev09.



I totally wasn’t prepared for how amazing her debut track “Lethal” was going to be, and I found myself instantly blown away. Coming in at just under 2 minutes in length, it’s a super short track that you’ll quickly wish was longer. Her enduring vocals draw you in to the track until static-heavy instrumentals come in just after the 0:25 mark. Eerie electronics break things up at the 0:45 mark that make way for her chill-inducing vocal delivery that proves she is not messing around.



“You Made Me” is her follow up track, and it’s jam packed full of attitude and pop culture references that are undeniably catchy. She holds nothing back on this track lyrically as fast-paced drum machine beats and subtle electronics make for a simple yet well-crafted the track that you can’t help but love. Plus, any song that makes a reference to Clueless is totally okay in my book.

Thanks to Curator, Becks, for sharing this awesome new find with us!

Since I’m sure you’re dying to hear more from Dev09, be sure to follow her on SoundCloud to be the first to hear about what she releases next! And while you wait, satisfy your new music craving by clicking here for more BitCandy-approved new music.

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