New Artist Find: Ecstasy


Wrought with the audacity to name their band such a revelatory name, by the time you've contemplated whether it's a drug or emotional reference or both, and have evaded The Google's attempt to sell you ecstasy herbal cigarettes, there's the matter of naming the space in between your thoughts that this swelling dream pop occupies, a manmade synthesize swath that the London hearts managed to turn into a near M83-esque organic landscape pan:

Perhaps still confused, you may continue to ask yourself why said band with said overwrought name would go on to name such a sparkling, meditational swell such a ridiculous teen-fleeting thing. And much of their transcendental sheen will begin to fade once you realize it's a song about prom, fading further once encountering its follow-up track, "FRNDS 4 LYF," billowing with Passion Pit key kaleidoscopics that cut your jean short fray clean, sad-face off with a chorus best kept in the margins of a jr. high school notebook:

Though then you may begin to lighten the fuck up and realize this is what 18 feels like -invincible, overreaching, chest-forward bliss, named ridiculously "White Limos"-and-text-speak so because no asshole has told them that they'll never make a record like Loveless or Saturdays = Youth, and certainly sometime very soon they'll encounter the twenty-something heartache that'll cast stones in their idillic rainbow reverb swathings that'll have them playing cathartically to their shoes before you know it, so just enjoy the limitless dreamscapes while they're here and innocent:

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