New Artist Find: Maigret JNR


Today feels like a no bullshit type of day for me. The type of day where any little thing could set you off; an extra 10 seconds at a red light, a stranger's sarcastic smile, someone stepping in front of get it, we've all had those days...There's only one remedy for me that works...MUSIC. Some good f*ckin' tunes can take you right out of that misery and spit you out into the sunlight. Today's artist is London native, Maigret JNR.

I am not sure exactly what, and maybe it's the backing beat, but this is like the 2013 version of Primitive Radio Gods' "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth With Money in My Hand." Which is quite ok, because it was one of the best ALT 90's songs to come out of the era. (Please see below if you've never heard have.)

Ahhh, youth, I am starting to feel better already. Breathing a bit easier now, I am able to sit back and actually take in the lovely tunes coming from my speakers. His voice is absolutely splendid. Such a nice break from the other popular voices you hear constantly. The voice that comes through here is breathing...breathing life into these songs, transforming them into lush stories told by one of the more comforting and gentle I have heard in a while. Man!! are his kids going to be lucky....Imagine getting your bed-time stories from him! Not too bad.

So, now that you've been gently rocked into a blissful thumb sucking fetal curl, it's time to visit the Maigret JNR soundcloud page to explore some new songs...WOAH, WOAH... yup, clear your eyes, that is a "No Scrubs" cover done by Misfit Mod on his page... and it's pretty sexual....

no scrubs

The four song EP, Sick Friends, is out via Make Mine and we've got it for you below.