New Artist Find: Partyomo via Drake


All I know about today's new artist find is that he's incredibly smooth. Like-lick-your-lips-bite-your-tongue-smooth. This is the type of sound that knows its way directly into the undergarments of today's female R&B fan base. Another smooth crooner hailing from Canada (Mississauga to be exact)... Honestly, I'm not sure what goes on up there but dem Canadians are like the Brits and just continue to punch out solid artists who continue to deliver and evolve their respective genres.

What we didn't tell you is that this is Drake's newest addition to his arsenal of artists. Partyomo has the voice to match, but he looks like his style should lend more to the Wacka Flocka / Danny Brown type attitude. A little bit of a different direction for an artist being repped by Drake, but I can dig this shit. His voice truly is seductive and his beats are tight and subdued. Wait a minute, something that's not completely overproduced?

A track with a smooth flow does not need all of the bells and whistles its 2013 counterparts are adding in. The lack of obtuse horns and Rick Ross type percussion allows the tracks quieter moments to breathe and expand across the landscape as need be. Partyomo steps his way into your living room and whispers his words of compassion in your ear, and although it may not be loud, it's got a direct approach: takes you in, warms you up, and lays you back on the couch so you can sleep easy. These are baby-making sounds...

ron burgundy

...Slow, sexy, and seductively savory, Partyomo will be making moves in the upcoming months, especially if he's going to be out on the town with Drizzeee himself, because we all know where he started and where he's ended up.