New Artist Find: Shy Girls


The dream of PBR&B is alive in Portland, all thanks to Dan Vidmar, a Pennsylvania expatriate, who took a loft apartment in the city's inner east side industrial district, in 2009. By day, Vidmar holds down a job at the local emergency room, and by night, he returns to his humble, skyline abode, where he can tend, love, and care for today's new artist, Shy Girls, into the early Oregon hours:

In late 2011, Vidmar released his debut EP, Sex in the City, via the now defunct label, Emigrate Records. The four song collection draws from, and indulges in, Vidmar's wide range of influences - including early Motown, New Jack Swing, and 90's Teen Pop - in turn formulating a unique breed of contemporary R&B, which has been seducing the digital realm, one blog by one, throughout the year:

Well, I say “unique.” Shy Girls is going to, of course, be compared to Autre Ne Veut, How to Dress Well, and so forth. But what sets Vidmar apart from this crop, he argues, is the Shy Girls “live experience” - a seven piece band, who are already being praised as “one of the best in town.” Combining this first class showmanship, with Vidmar's intrinsic gift for song writing, and it figures that this “shy guy” from Portland is not going to be up in that loft of his for very much longer:

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